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Go to Current Owner Title

Current Owner Title

Want to know any encumberances in a property from the day it was purchased to the current date? You will need to perform a search on the current owner. Read more…

Go to Full Title Search

Full Title Search

Get the records on liens, mortgages and legal judgments you need on a foreclosed property to ensure a smooth turnover of ownership. Read more…

Go to 30-Year Title Search

30-Year Title Search

Before shopping around for property title insurance, it’s important to determine if a property has had any insurance complaints going back 30 years. Read more…

Go to Commercial Title Search

Commercial Title Search

Buying office spaces and other commercial properties? You can do a commercial title search for a seamless turnover. Read more…

ALLY Title Services, LLC

Beverly Adair, Mobile Title Agent

We provide title insurance services, mobile settlement services, notary services and signing agent services. Read more...

"History reveals that faulty titles caused Abraham Lincoln's father to lose two farms during his lifetime. These losses might have been prevented if a better system of title assurance had then prevailed."

- American Land Title Association -

Today, title assurance is available through Owner's Title Insurance.