May 16, 2018


Consumer Protection

We know that serving your clients and protecting their interests is your most important goal.  Authorized Agents of Old Republic Title write policies for an underwriter with unsurpassed independent financial-strength ratings, which reflect strong operating performance, secure claims-paying ability and financial stability, an assessment yet to be matched by any other title underwriter!  What good would it be for your client to work with an insurer that cannot pay claims or is not financially secure?

Old Republic Title’s Strengths

• No other insurer in the country has a higher overall financial-strength rating than the Old Republic Title Insurance Group.
Old Republic Title’s Authorized Agents have access to a wealth of experience, knowledge, information, and solutions, so they are prepared to complete even the most challenging residential and commercial transactions.
Old Republic Title’s Authorized Agents are offered continuing education and training on matters affecting the real estate transaction process through live seminars, webinars, and online instruction.
• Access to current, industry-related information and tools, created specifically for attorneys and real estate professionals, can be provided to you through Old Republic Title’s Authorized Agents.