September 13, 2018

Current Owner Title Search

One way to check a property for any and all liens, mortgages, and other encumbrances is to conduct a title search on the property and its current owner. This is essentially preferable if you need to track any liens and obligations from when the title was formally transferred to the current owner up until the current date.

This type of title search is ideal for situations like foreclosure auctions, refinancing, by-owner transactions, short sales, and tax certificate purchases.

We can conduct a lien search at the federal, state, municipal, and HOA levels. We can also perform vesting information search as well as civil judgment search to track the tax and financial status of a property and to determine any legal proceedings which has happened from the time the title was awarded to the current owner.

We can send you a report detailing the results of our search. We will also include a copy of the owner deed in the summary.

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