April 26, 2018

Settlement Services Overview

The settlement agent will order all closing exhibits; i.e., seller’s mortgage payoff, prepare all closing documents and affidavits necessary, plus follow the requirements specified in Schedule A of the Title Commitment.  Warranty Deeds will be prepared by local attorneys.

Closing fees will vary based on the type of closing; i.e., cash, purchase money first mortgage, home equity line of credit, etc.  Call for pricing.

Mobile closing services are offered.

If ALLY Title Services, LLC is handling the title search and services for the closing and closing the transaction then the settlement fee will be reduced.  Call for pricing.

ALLY Title Services, LLC will make all necessary disbursements as part of the closing process; i.e., wire seller’s mortgage payoffs, pay any necessary home owner’s insurance annual premium to the insurer and be responsible for making any other payments outlined on the Closing Disclosure (CD)/ ALTA Settlement Statement or HUD-1 Settlement Statement.